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Project Description
SmartPaginator offers an alternative to the out-of-the-box Microsoft DocumentPaginator. It supports extra features like page headers, page footers and repeating table headers.


This project is still in its very early stages. The solution contains two projects:

- SmartPaginator: the class library that contains all the working code.
- TestApp: the test application that I use to test the functionality of the paginator.

Update (17/Mar/2012)

This project is being superseeded by the Smart Document Framework project. Honestly, we think there are enough differences that it is better to treat it as a complete separate document structure to avoid confusion. If, however, you'd like to continue the work on Smart Paginator which just extends the FlowDocument classes, please contact me.

Release 0.4

Release 0.4 is now available. It adds support for page columns and limited support for figures. The documentation has been updated appropriately. Please check the information on figures as these are treated differently in SmartPaginator.

If you have any issues paginating a particular document, please send us the source XAML and we'll make sure to include it in our test suite.

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